Travalia Butchery

Travalia Butchery situated at the Travalia Farm Store is fully equipped to serve all your needs. We have a permanent Block man on-site to assist at all times. We have a state of the art processing facility and end equipment to optimise quality and production. We take pride in the way we package and present our products and in the way in which they are prepared. Listed below is a brief overview of the products we specialise in and other services available to you.
See our list below for more details.


We specialise in A Class Lamb and are supplied directly from Travalia Farm, where best farming practises are observed. Products that we supply include:

  • Whole and half Lamb - we cut our whole and half lamb to a standard which is leg/s whole , rib/s whole and the rest of the lamb in chops. With prior notice we can cut your lamb to your specifications.
  • Cuts which will include : Shanks, Ribs, Neck , Leg of Lamb , Deboned Leg of Lamb, Shoulder , Lamb Rump steaks and obviously a variety of different chop cuts
  • Lamb wheels (deboned and rolled ribs)
  • Lewer en Netvet
  • Skaap stertjies(sheeps tails)
  • Afval/Offal
  • Kidneys
  • Curry Sosoaties


We also use A Class Beef and products include:

  • 100% Pure Beef Boerewors
  • 100% Pure Beef Patties
  • Beef Biltong and Droewors
  • Rump Steaks From Sparta Beef
  • Oxtail (when available)
  • Beef fillet (when available)
  • Tongue (when available)
  • Chilli Bites (on order)
  • Curry Sosaties
  • Kaas wors(with pork)
  • Mince

Game / Venison

Venison for biltong and droewors are sourced locally and at times we do market specific cuts ie.


  • Deboned Legs
  • Shanks
  • Sirloin and Fillets
  • Trimmings
  • Biltong and Droewors
  • Springbok Carpaccio


  • Sirloin and fillets
  • A wide variety of Biltong cuts
  • Rump steaks
  • Trimmings
  • Biltong and Droewors


In the event of large orders exceeding 100kg transport can be arranged to Johannesburg or Cape Town at a small fee.

Meat Processing

We specialise in the processing of game for hunters and take the hassle out of hunting. Please see attachment for further information. Transport to Johannesburg and Cape Town can be arranged at a small fee. See our Product List for more details.

Supply of butchery needs

For the DIY butcher we also supply meat cuts, sheep casings, spice and fat so that products can be developed or made at home, please phone to enquire about price and availability

Agencies / Representatives

If you feel you have the potential to market Travalia Lamb or any of our other products please feel free to contact us – we are constantly on the lookout for new areas to market our superior products in.